Go Move to Thailand

GOmov - Make the World your Home.
• Relocate to another Country with Ease.
• One Stop Portal for long or short holidays, extended stay or retirement.
• Free sign up for applicants.

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Gomov token for travel

• We make your travel/relocating simpler..
• Making your move Cheaper and Easier.
• Get everything you need in your destination country within a fingerclick.

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Use Crypto to Travel

Travel anywhere by using GOmov Crypto/Token
• Using our Easy Payment Crypto Platform.
• Easily swappable with any other Crypto Token
• Cash out your token anytime you need hard cash.
• Worry no more about destination Country currency fluctuation.

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如何出售 GOmov 代币

One-stop center for all your travel needs

Think of Travel, Think of GOmov

How to sell GOmov Token

如何出售 GOmov 代币

供币安和非币安用户购买Dex Exchange。

1) 在 Trust Wallet 选择 pancake swap(观看视频)。)

2) 在GOMov to USDT中选择并输入要出售的数量

3) 根据交易的区块链流量,将滑点设置在15%至19%左右

4) 点击卖出。

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