Go Move to Thailand

GOmov - Make the World your Home.
• Relocate to another Country with Ease.
• One Stop Portal for long or short holidays, extended stay or retirement.
• Free sign up for applicants.

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Gomov token for travel

• We make your travel/relocating simpler..
• Making your move Cheaper and Easier.
• Get everything you need in your destination country within a fingerclick.

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Use Crypto to Travel

Travel anywhere by using GOmov Crypto/Token
• Using our Easy Payment Crypto Platform.
• Easily swappable with any other Crypto Token
• Cash out your token anytime you need hard cash.
• Worry no more about destination Country currency fluctuation.

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如何将 GOmov 代币转换为法定(现金)货币。

One-stop center for all your travel needs

Think of Travel, Think of GOmov

how to convert gomov token to cash

如何将 GOmov 代币转换为法定(现金)货币。

供非币安用户将 GOmov 转换为现金。

如何从Trust Wallet 获得法定货币(节省银行费用的最低成本)
将BEP20里的USDT 从trust wallet转至Hotbit交易所

从Hotbit 交易所选择TRC20 USDT 并转到Remitano。

在remitano点击卖出USDT。 选择 P2P 汇率并出售USDT ,以将当地法定货币存入银行账户。

供币安用户将 GOmov 转换为现金。

如何从Trust Wallet 获取法定货币

将BEP20里的USDT 从trust wallet转至币安

在币安点击卖出 USDT。 选择 P2P 汇率并出售USDT,以将当地法定货币存入银行账户