Go Move to Thailand

GOmov - 让世界成为您的家。
• 轻松迁移到另一个国家。
• 长短假期、长住或退休的一站式平台
• 申请人免费注册。

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Gomov token for travel


View Live GOmov DEX Chart
Use Crypto to Travel

随时随地使用 GOmov 加密货币/代币去旅行
• 使用我们的简易支付加密平台。
• 可与任何其他加密代币轻松互换 • 在您需要现金时随时兑现您的代币。
• 无需再担心目的地国家的货币波动。

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GOmov Project Timeline

One-stop center for all your travel needs

Think of Travel, Think of GOmov

gomov travel app

PHASE 1 (1st Sept 2021)

1. Crystallisation of GOmov whitepaper.
2. Creation of management team
3. Apps development kick off. 1st September 2021.
4. Marketing frenzy
5. Set up Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and etc.
6. Planning of GOmov token launching,
7. Creating liquidity pool at DEFI
8. Private Sale 25th Sept 2021,
9. Pre Sale 1st Oct 2021.
10. Launched date 9th Oct 2021, Listing on DEX
11. Initial Techrate audit done and passed
12. Engage influencers, youtuber and AMA session

PHASE 2 (1st Jan 2022)

1. Completion of GOmov apps development
2. Launch Beta version of GOmov Apps
3. Integrate GOmov tokens into GOmov apps.
4. Marketing frenzy for token an apps usage.
5. Integrating members requirement to match Agents profiles
6. Roadshow to attract agents
7. Profile countries and destinations with local agents
8. Test apps effectiveness
9. Integrate payment gateway
10. Test payment transactions

PHASE 3 Official Launching of Apps (1st April 2022)

1. Launch GOmov apps
2. Marketing campaigns in Social Media, billboard and print media
3. On-board advertisements and promotions
4. Integrate reviews and recommendations
5. Increase usage for apps and tokens
6. Roadshow and marketing campaigns for targeted countries.
7. Upgrade apps to provide more services & NFT
8. CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko listings
9. Other CEX listing

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