Go Move to Thailand

GOmov - Make the World your Home.
• Relocate to another Country with Ease.
• One Stop Portal for long or short holidays, extended stay or retirement.
• Free sign up for applicants.

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Gomov token for travel

• We make your travel/relocating simpler..
• Making your move Cheaper and Easier.
• Get everything you need in your destination country within a fingerclick.

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Use Crypto to Travel

Travel anywhere by using GOmov Crypto/Token
• Using our Easy Payment Crypto Platform.
• Easily swappable with any other Crypto Token
• Cash out your token anytime you need hard cash.
• Worry no more about destination Country currency fluctuation.

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One-stop center for all your travel needs

Think of Travel, Think of GOmov

Below is a list of Gomov FAQ pertaining to what GOmov App and GOmov Token.

Gomov FAQ

1)What is GOmov apps ?

GOmov is a software that bridges travellers and local agents whereby travellers get to select the services they require and all payments can be held in escrow till the job is completed by the local agents in the destination country before releasing the payment.

1. GOmov will focus on services such as VISA, Accommodation, Transport, Medical, Part-time Jobs, Networking, Tour Guide and more to come.

2. GOmov software will also consist of readily available information such as :

3. Is the destination safe to travel?

b. Suggested places to visit based on traveler portfolio’s and visit histories
c. Promotions on transport rental, accommodation, medical insurance, part-time jobs and so forth

2) What is GOmov token?
GOmov token is a community driven crypto Token built via Binance smart chain network using BEP20 and the listing code is GOmov. This is a fair shield launched DEFI tokens that runs on a decentralized ecosystem also known as DEX cryptocurrency exchange.

GOmov Token is introduced as a preferred payment method in GOmov travel software whereby travellers who uses GOmov token to transact will obtain benefits/promotions as an attraction point to transact using GOmov Token.

3) Where can I get GOmov token?
GOmov token is available on most major DEX exchanges. Below are some of the key DEX exchanges that can be used to purchase GOmov token:

1) Pancake swap
2) Bakery swap
3) 1inch exchange
4) BSC station
5) Flooz trade
6) Biswap

For detailed instructions on purchasing GOmov token, please click here

4) Explain the tokenomics of GOmov.
GOmov token is unique that comes with
a. 1% token burning on every transactions
b. 4% assigned to software marketing and development
c. 5% spread to all to token holders(passive rewards)
d. Total 3million tokens released
g. Liquidity is locked
As GOmov Token is a utility token, we are confident that this token will be a stable and rewarding token to invest. With the tokenomics in place, holding of GOmov token will increase your holding pool and this is where you build your passive income.

5) Can you share your social media links and channels to keep tune with these projects?
Website: https://gomov.io
Telegram: https://t.me/GOmovtoken
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GOmov.token
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/qCAnUVRKM2
Tweeter: https://twitter.com/RoselynJoyce7
Email: contactus@gomov.io

6) Why I can’t find GOmov logo on Trust Wallet and Pancakeswap?
A minimum of 2500 token holders are required before we are able to apply CMC post posting. We will get there soon.

7) Where did your project name came from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose name that for your project?

The name GOmov is a short fancy name for go move which also means go and travel with ease of mind. When someone thinks of travel, they can easily relate to move , thus GOmov is the name. Our slogan, Think of travel, Think of GOmov.

8) Is your project only for English speaking countries or do you have any community for non English speaking users too?

We are looking to cover many languages as this is a global project. We have incorporated Chinese language in our website and there will more languages added in future, same applies to the software.

9) How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Our team consist of a strong team that covers extensive experience from ground work to management in Information Technology, Software Development, Sales&Marketing and Crypto Investments. Full details of our management’s portfolio can be viewed at https://gomov.io/en/gomov-management
With the combined force of the management individual, it drives the success factor of this project to a great extent effectively. To date, we have successfully listed our GOmov token with a unique tokenomics on BSC, effective marketing on many areas are actively ongoing and the software development is ongoing concurrently.

10) What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantage do you have?
We provide one stop services for potential retirees, skill workers, digital nomad and period travellers to apply with ease. We provide services like visa applications, engage movers, find accommodations, rent transport, connect to local banks and insurance and many more. This one stop center covering global scale with fiat & crypto payment system do not exist in the market. This makes us unique and certainly puts GOmov in a superior business position.

11) How can the community contribute to GOmov. Do you wish to expand communities globally as by creating local communities?
This is a global scale software use case. Community could be segmented into investors, travellers and local agents. With these segments, it covers the global community. We aim get GOmov Token used as a local currency for all countries. GOmov travelling software is the 1st use case that will be using the GOmov token to transact and with the expertise of our development team, we will be building more and more software in future with different use cases that transacts using GOmov token.

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