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GOmov - 让世界成为您的家。
• 轻松迁移到另一个国家。
• 长短假期、长住或退休的一站式平台
• 申请人免费注册。

View Live GOmov DEX Chart
Gomov token for travel


View Live GOmov DEX Chart
Use Crypto to Travel

随时随地使用 GOmov 加密货币/代币去旅行
• 使用我们的简易支付加密平台。
• 可与任何其他加密代币轻松互换 • 在您需要现金时随时兑现您的代币。
• 无需再担心目的地国家的货币波动。

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GOmov Travel App

One-stop center for all your travel needs

Think of Travel, Think of GOmov


What GOmov travel app does?

GoMov Bit Coin   Looking for an extended stay?
GoMov Bit Coin   Short trip to any countries across the globe?
GoMov Bit Coin   Issues sorting out visa?
GoMov Bit Coin   Issues arranging accommodation within your budget?
GoMov Bit Coin   Don’t know anyone in the country you’re visiting?
GoMov Bit Coin   Worried of carrying too much of hard cash or worried of currency exchange rate?
GoMov Bit Coin   There could be a lot more thoughts within you such as tour, medical insurance, banking, education, getting a part-time job in the country you’re visiting etc.

Worry no more!

GOmov travel app is a superapp that will resolve all your worries or challenges.

GOmov travel app offers a user friendly platform that covers everything you need in your desired destination.

Travelling with ease will be a click of a button away!

Discover how GOmov works

The 3 step magical move that brings you to your dream destination worry free.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:  Look into your desired destination country on the Global map.

Gomov Coin Global Map
gomov Travel App Token
  1. Step 2: Launch your GOmov travel apps and select all the services you require in the category library and this instantaneously connects you the local agents available in the country you intend to visit.
  1. Step 3: Arrive at your destination worry free. YES! It’s as simple as that !

Advantages of using GOmov App Crypto Token as a payment medium.

Gomov travel app

1) Travel anywhere without worries on issues such as running out of hard cash, unstable currency fluctuations and custom declaration

2) GOmov app crypto token can be swapped with any other mainstream cryptos within seconds

3) Promote GOmov crypto token as a preferred payment mode for GOmov application

4) Cash out anytime you need it anywhere around the globe

Get GOmov Token here

GOmov Token Smart Contract Audit

GOmov smart contract pass

Great News! Here’s the Initial audit report done by Techrate and yes , we passed!

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GOmov introduces the #1 traveling app to the Global Market that Accepts Blockchain Payment Systems.

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